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Risk Mitigation, Protective Services & Training


Cochise MTS, offers the perfect blend of services and specialties. This is accomplished through our detailed, skilled, diligent and well trained personnel, providing a solid platform allowing the client to achieve their mission, tasks and goals. We ensure this through solid customer focus, flexibility, local knowledge and due diligence. 

With Cochise’s vast experience in the Middle East as well as the majority of challenging places throughout the world, we continue to build upon our success in the utilization of quality personnel, management teams and the latest equipment and technology. 

Over the last two decades, Cochise MTS has developed into one of the premier service providers worldwide. 

  • Personal
  • Facility
  • Oil & Gas
  • Transportation
  • Cyber/Cypher
  • ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance)
  • Counter-intelligence
  • Risk Management


For over 19 years, Jesse Johnson and Cochise MTS have consistently and successfully deployed TIER I personnel elements to support emerging client requirements in multiple, austere regions. The ability of Cochise MTS to meet any and all requirements with viable and credible solutions is one of the features that distinguish us from our competition. Our agility is due directly to our combined team concept and in-country management team’s ability to allocate resources to meet and support the requests of our clients. Motivated and committed to do their best, our personnel have extensive special ops experience and all are former members of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM): Joint Special Operations Command, Army Special Operations Command, Air Force Special Operations Command Naval Warfare Special Operations Command and Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command.

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Given the success that Cochise MTS has experienced in its numerous, worldwide security assistance training operations, Cochise offers a wide variety of skilled and experienced subject matter expert (SME) personnel capable of providing senior management oversight, training, consulting, QA/QC functions for operational controls and to provide direct operational day-to-day assistance to any corporate, government or military unit operating in a hostile or austere environment. The specific General Subjects and Mission Type Activities, to be provided by Cochise training personnel, are available upon request.

  • Leadership
  • Operational
  • Tactical
  • Special Operations
  • Security Specialist
  • Advanced Security Assistance


Over the past five years, Comanche has successfully provided contingency logistics support and senior management consulting services to clients on a worldwide basis.  The majority of Comanche’s clients are U.S. Federal, International and Commercial entities with complex procurement, supply chain and services and staffing outsourcing requirements in challenging international environments. Comanche is currently assisting U.S. government clients in the Middle East/GCC, Africa, Central America, and the Indian Subcontinent. Representative Comanche public sector clients include the Department of State, U.S. Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps, Drug Enforcement Agency, Government of Panama, the Government of India as well as numerous state and local government entities.

  • EOD
    • FMS
    • ITAR

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