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Welcome to Cochise MTS Inc.

Cochise MTS Inc., a world-wide security, logistical and consulting provider, offers a wide variety of skilled and experienced subject matter expert (SME) personnel capable of providing senior management oversight, training, consulting, QA/QC functions for operational controls and to provide direct operational day-to-day assistance to any corporate business unit operating in a hostile or austere environment.

Cochise MTS has consistently, since 2008, provided timely threat updates and security upgrade measures to selected clients throughout the world. We have provided studies and expert advice to selected firms and governments on immediate steps that need to be taken to improve their security systems and defensive postures. Major airports, nuclear power plants, oil production and storage facilities, government buildings and selected military and civilian sites throughout the world have benefited from Cochise recommendations. Cochise is regarded as one of the premier security firms in the world, and the one expert on counter-terrorism measures that you want to consult, if your firm desires straightforward honest, unbiased advice to solve the most difficult of security challenges.

Cochise can plan, organize and implement a team of highly experienced professionals capable of conducting security operations or training/organizing others to conduct security operations. Cochise security/training operations focus on operations in the Middle East/Asia due to the vast amount of current regional experience, but our capabilities and careers have taken the team all over the World. Based on current operations, the Cochise team is administratively, operationally, and logistically prepared to locate anywhere in order to help start new operations.